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news: dark and hollow places

The Dark And Hollow Places: Book III
(announced on Carrie's website here)

The DAHP goodreads page now has a cover image for the book. No word yet as to whether its official or not, as it hasn't been revealed or announced on any of Carrie's websites. According to the same page, the 352 page hardcover will be released on March 22nd 2011.
Cover and blurb below the cut.

Annah knows she has a twin sister, but she forgot her long ago. Back when they went to play in the Forest of Hands and Teeth, she and Elias lost her, and after that there was no going back to the village.

Life's been hard, but Elias has taken care of her, and living in the Dark City can help one to forget the horror of the Unconsecrated—if you try hard enough.

But when Elias disappears, Annah's world crumbles. To her, life isn't worth much more than the walking dead who roam the wasted world she lives in. It's not until she meets Catcher that she cares to start living again.

Yet Catcher has secrets. Dark, terrifying secrets that link him to a past she's longed to forget and to a future too deadly to consider.

Annah must decide: Can she continue to live a world covered in the blood of the living?

Or is death the answer to all her problems?
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